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Philosophy & Curriculum

The Carriage Barn Academy faculty and staff are dedicated to engaging your child in a world of wonder through discovery and inquiry-based learning.
Our one-of-a-kind carriage barn provides an interesting environment to foster creativity, quality learning, and mindfulness through a program that has been inspired by two unique approaches to learning.
Reggio Emilia Approach to Learning
Our philosophy is based on the Reggio Emilia Approach to Learning which was founded by Loris Malaguzzi in Northern Italy in a city called Reggio Emilia. This philosophy is grounded in child-centered and project-based learning. The children use their sense of wonder and their natural curiosity to discover and explore while constructing their own knowledge. Nature and aspects of our community are brought into the classrooms in order to encourage our students to learn about the beauty and unique aspects of Northeast Pennsylvania. Community and cultural awareness of families’ heritage, traditions, and holiday celebrations are included when appropriate.
Montessori-Based Program
We have also used the Montessori Method as a framework for our program. Maria Montessori’s Method is based on children’s natural curiosity and excitement to learn. The students learn in a child-centered, carefully planned, stimulating environment. Their minds are like sponges as they soak up everything around them. This method fosters organization, independence, cooperation, and respect (for self, others, and the environment).
The Atelier (Art Studio)
The arts are integrated throughout the curriculum and the children are able to work in the Atelier, a Maker Space/Art Studio where children are encouraged to tinker, invent, and express themselves on a daily basis. In the Reggio Emilia Approach to Learning, children are encouraged to explore their environment and express themselves using multiple paths and “languages” however they choose to express them, whether it be with clay, paint, or collage items. They might write a song or dance or express themselves through dramatic play. This is referred to as the “Hundred Languages of Children.”
Holistic Development
We use a holistic approach to develop the whole child which includes age-appropriate development in all areas – Social, Emotional, Cognitive, Linguistic, Physical, and Imaginative.
STEAM Integration
Our integrated curriculum includes the foundational Literacy skills as well as Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math (STEAM).
Letter People and Kid Writing
All students will use the Letter People Curriculum to learn pre-reading and pre-writing skills. Each week, there will be a featured Letter of the Week that is the focus. There are also review weeks build into the program. The students will participate in the Kid Writing Program, an emergent curriculum where students begin to write about topics of their choice using the materials from their literacy-rich environment and environmental print.
The Creative Curriculum
The teachers will prepare the classroom environments using The Creative Curriculum. This is a constructivist approach where students are driven to learn by exploring with the educational materials. It is a student-driven program that encourages students to choose what they’d like to work on and study. The students will work in the indoor and outdoor environments every day for a sustained period of time where they will be able to visit the centers and choose their own activities. Everyday centers include Math, Writing, Reading, Science, Social Studies, and Art. There will be various special centers each month focusing on special topics for discovery such as: Exploring Emotions, Acorn Adding, Forest Animals & Nature, Community Helpers, Strong Structures, and States of Matter. The children will also have monthly author studies, featured scientists, mindfulness lessons, and famous artists.
Core Values
We include positive self-image and healthy well-being, mindfulness, and respect toward self, others, and the environment on a daily basis as we strive to share these crucial values with our students.
Collaborative Learning
Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten students learn from Kindergarten students when they are all working together in the prepared environment. When children are able to explain how something works or how to do something to others, they have an understanding of the content and/or skills. Younger children want to be like the older children as they follow their lead and listen to them as they explain content/skills and reason with them. Older children model positive behavior and purposeful leaning.
Small Group Instruction
Students will work in small groups according to their abilities and interests with the teachers on a daily basis.
Kitchen Concoctions
Students will use the full kitchen at least once a week as they prepare snacks and edible science. They will make something edible every Friday to go enhance the Letter of the Week Program.
Field Study & Outdoor Time
Our students will have the opportunity to go outside for field study, exercise, and play every day or as weather permits. During the spring and summer of 2019, we will be preparing the outdoor environment which will include a natural play area as well as a mini garden and exploration station.
Music & Movement
All students will enjoy weekly music class with Dan, Dan, The Music Man. They will sing and dance to songs that are extensions of our curriculum.
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